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Fridge Words GameAfter my new found love for Spellwood and games of that style I was given a copy of Fridge Words a new came from thumbstar, where as I’m sure you can guess from the title is played on a ‘fridge’ with those cool little magnetic words. The game is really simple and can be jumped into straight away after a short, yet very precise tutorial. Like you would if you were writing a hilarious message on your own fridge some times you need a ‘w’ but have to use an upside down ‘m’. The guys at thumbstar have thought of that and certain letters can be flipped to give you the letter you need: p becomes d, q becomes b, n becomes u and like I said before m becomes w. This handy little feature can get you out of quite the pickle at times.

The game runs very similar to the likes of draw something where you can play against random opponents or connect through Facebook and rule your friends list. The only difference this time is the quick play option, which as you can guess is just you against the clock. Sort of like a practice mode to become the fridge magnet master.

Fridge Words MenuThe game has it’s rewards too – through playing and winning games you will be given fridge coins, which can be spent to either give you a boost of time in game or by allowing you to pick a letter of your choice, making potentially the ultimate word! Certain letters, normally more difficult ones to use like ‘x’ or ‘z’ will sometimes be gold or silver which act as a multiplier. Silver multiplies by 2 and Gold by 3.

What I liked about this game is it’s simplicity, you know what you have to do and it’s great fun doing it. I prefer doing the quick plays, I just find the option just to do it as and when I please a bit nicer. Don’t get me wrong the random opponents is great, but it’s the option where I can just close down say Facebook, have a quick go on Fridge Words and then go to sleep. Simple stuff.

The game is currently only available on iOS but is coming to Android Soon. Fridge Words for iOS is free so follow the link to jump straight to it. Let me know what of you think of this cool game in the comments below.

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