FTLFTL, or Faster Than Light, is probably one of the most simplistic yet compelling games on the Steam marketplace, and I imagine that on first impressions, people may overlook the game as a consideration when looking for a new game. To help those who are interested in the game, here’s my verdict.

The game is fantastic. Simply put, it’s truly amazing. The game will make you either celebrate like it’s the holidays, or cry yourself to FTLGame 2013-01-12 23-54-38-04sleep as if the world is going to end. The fluctuation of emotions you develop through a single play through will stay with you like a young puppy!

The game consists of you, a rebel ship captain, having to jump throughout a series of sectors in order to deliver a vital message which will turn the tide of a war which rages through the galaxies. Whilst jumping through sectors, you may encounter hostiles, friendly’s, asteroid fields, imploding suns and more with each situation left to you to decide the action that will be taken. In order to succeed you must upgrade your chosen ship, either by purchasing more weapons, or upgrading the systems onboard your ship to act as defensive precautions. At the end of the sector-jumping, you must put all you have gathered previously to the test as you are presented with one final challenge, the Federation Mother Ship.

The game, I must warn, is incredibly difficult. You are given the option of two difficulties, easy or normal, both of which are impossible for even the most skilled gamers. FTL also boasts a one life method of game play, meaning that when you meet your inevitable death, you have to stop completely from scratch, so the game, as you can imagine, is precariously unforgiving. The decision making in the later stages of the game will have you ripping your hair out, and close to final battles will have your multi-tasking skills pushed far beyond their limits.

FTLGame 2013-01-13 00-07-13-10This being said, the difficulty is what makes the game amazing. To be able to beat the game on easy would give any gamer instant bragging rights, and it will get to a stage in which you being to care for the ship and its crew. For shear emotional and tactical enjoyment, I can put my reputation on the line by saying that most people will be able to enjoy this game, and its low system requirements mean that it’s not exclusive to a certain criteria of PC owners.

Have a go on FTL today on Steam, take advantage of the weekend deal at a reduced price of £3.49!

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