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If you’ve got an Android device you should probably take a look at our G Cloud Backup review we did a short while ago. To re-cap, G Cloud Backup is a complete backup service for your Android device, since our review a few things have changed such as the choice of things you can have backed up. As well as what we mentioned before you can back up your Browser Data and System Settings. These are perfect for when you change your phone you can keep all of the same settings without spending hours setting your new device up!

So what’s new in 2.0?

– The ability to earn up to 8 GB Free
– The ability to only backup camera photos and videos
– Enhanced schedulingG Cloud Backup UI
– New Battery saving mode
– Added more files extension support
– New interface

So I’ll go through a quick run down on the new features;

You can earn up to 8GB of storage for free.

This is the usual thing you might expect from some games, if you write a review of the app there’s 300MB. Invite friends to use G Cloud Backup, 6GB. Share to Facebook, 200MB. The list goes on.

The ability to only back up camera photo’s and videos.

What this means is that instead of backing up every photo or video you have on your device, it’ll only back up the snaps and clips you take yourself with the camera app.

Enhanced Scheduling.

Before you only had the option to back up every day at a certain time. Now you have the option to pick how many days between backup as well as the option to only back up if you’re plugged in. Excellent!

New battery saving mode.

This gives you the option to completely void the back up process if your phone has less than a certain percentage of battery, complete with a handy slider you can decide exactly how much.

Added more file extensions to support.

Pretty self explanatory, this means more things can be backed up!

New interface.

This is my favourite part to any update. I love a good new interface every so often and they’ve really pulled it out of the bag with this one. They’ve decided to go with a more black Holo style interface that goes perfect with the later Android versions. Everything is much easier to locate and the most important buttons are right there so you don’t have to go searching for the Backup or Restore buttons anymore!

If you haven’t already got G Cloud Backup you can find it on the Google Play Store.

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