It’s been a while since I’ve knocked out one of these, partially because I’ve been too engrossed in Black Ops 2, partly because I thought LA Noire would make a good Games 4 Under £5 piece, I didn’t realise it was an immensely long game.

So lets get onto it. For those of you who don’t know G4U5 (Games for Under £5) is a feature where we take a look in the bargain bin, in second hand store, or online to see what games we can find that are £5 or less. It’s a great way to re-visit old classics, and perhaps discover a new game you may have missed or would like to try out! Feel free to check out our other G4U5’s here!

Back of the Box

A hostile planet. A vicious enemy. A deadly fight for survival.

Choose to take out your enemies with quiet kills or massive firepower.

Slay ferocious dinosaurs or lure them in to attack your enemies.

Take the fight online with intense action or upto 16 players on dinosaur-infested maps.

About the game

TurokTurok is considered a series reboot from previous Turok video games and comic books. The player takes on the role of the soldier Corporal Joseph Turok. Turok used to be a member of an elite military unit called the Wolf Pack (that you’ll soon find out no-one likes) under the command of General Ronald Kane. Turok somehow fell out with the Wolf Pack and was re-assigned to a more general military group called Whiskey Company.

The game begins with the mission to capture Kane and bring him back to Earth due to committing various war crimes and mysteriously disappeared for around three years until finally turning up on a backwater world. This world is under the control of the Mendel-Grumman (M-G) Corporation and Kane has been assigned a private army of M-G Soldiers and equipment.

From the beginning cut scene you’ll soon discover that Turok is immediately outcast from the group due to his previous work with the Wolf Pack and no-one really trusts the guy. Slade, another soldier takes a more severe dislike to Turock due to his (slades) brother being a member of the Wolf Pack also, but was killed in a battle in Columbia that Turok unbelievably ran from. Probably the reason why people aren’t too keen on him.


After a few unpleasant words, everyone prepares to enter the orbit of this strange planet, but soon become a victim of an attack from orbit. You’re immediately thrown into the action and you must get Turok to safety. This doesn’t last too long as you soon crash land and discover that you’re split up from the rest of the ship. After a few minutes of  trudging through the jungle you soon discover that you’re not alone and that the island is inhabited by dinosaurs. Great..

I’ll leave the story up to there because as you’re about to read, it’s really worth trying it for yourself..

My Thoughts
At first I wasn’t too sure about how the game would play out with there being both enemy M-G Soldiers, and vicious dinosaurs.. but it does. It actually adds an entirely new feel to the FPS genre that I’ve never experienced before. Not only are you having to avoid M-G Soldiers and their surprisingly accurate aim (even with a pistol) you then have to change up your game play style to avoid being shunted by Raptors or bitten by those tiny little dino-chicken things.This is honestly the only G4U5 that I’ve continued to play over and over. The game itself is simple in a sense that there’s no iron sights, and keeps a more old school FPS feel but it doesn’t hinder the game what so ever. The controls are fairly easy to grasp, and the over all objective of each part of the game is marked clearly enough making it easy to get from one part to another – absolutely perfect considering the area is swamped with trees, bushes, twisty caves, and enemy bases.


There’s also another aspect of combat, and that’s when you get pinned by a dinosaur. What happens is that it plays a live action cut-scene where you’re then instructed to either mash your right trigger, or wiggle your left stick that eventually pushes the dino off of you and then you stab the bugger in the throat.

The game also takes an interesting twist from both fast action, to a more covert stealth style of play, but it’s entirely up to you how you approach it. The stealth game play style is a little (read: a lot) more difficult than games like Splinter Cell and Hitman because the game isn’t designed that way but if you can make it work, you can unleash deadly silent attacks. It also manages to go from dense jungle combat with both M-G Soldiers and dino’s to a more Quake style army base full of just M-G Soldiers.

Overall this game has really made a bit of an impact on me to the point where I’m going to continue playing it after writing this feature – and for me, that’s a good thing.

I managed to grab a copy of Turok for £4, an absolute bargain actually.

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