Ghostbuster fight

Everybody loves the Ghostbusters, and what better way to enjoy them than playing a brand spanking new App! The team have been given the task of stopping an evil spirit from releasing ‘negative psycho-kinetic’ energy through the city of New York!

Ghostbusters BaseThe game lets you build your own Ghostbusting empire as you go along but the main story consists of your team climbing a ghost infested tower, floor by floor where you need slime to progress to the next level. Slime is found by hunting and capturing ghosts from other locations also know as ‘jobs’. As well as slime you will get XP for the team and money to spend on new equipment and to fund research and experiments. Your team can be made up of 4 people, now choosing your team is a very tactical thing. You may even want to change it up each different job. I would personally recommend 1 scientist who has the power to heal other members of the team whilst they’re fending off the spirits, 1 Wrangler – these will distract and lightly damage ghosts whilst the remaining members weaken them. Which leads us nicely on to our last 2 spaces, Blaster. I would recommend 2 of these for a quick capture. But like I said sometimes you may need all Blasters if you get over-run!

The headquarters are an old fire station where you hold all the collected ghost species, conduct any research, upgrade team members or even hire new busters. The station can be explored from floor to floor with the team wondering about up the stairs or down the pole

At first I thought I was not going to enjoy the game but that soon changed once I had gotten passed the tutorial. It’s just pop up message after pop up message. I understand that they’re important. It was just annoying me, but once the game Ghostbusters Mapreally got going it really did get going and it was really fun being a Ghostbuster.

As you can see, when you zoom out on the map it becomes pretty large. Now whether it’s shaded to be unlocked or it’s just to imitate how big the city is I’m not sure but if it is unlockable the game could have quite a long life. The game is developed by Beeline Interactive, Inc. who are responsible for the very popular Smurfs Village.

Overall I’m enjoying Ghostbusters, and I feel like I’ve barley scratched the surface of the game. It should keep you occupied and entertained for quite some time.

This game is an iOS only game so all you apple lovers can get Ghostbusters by following the link. And as a bonus, it’s free!

Have you downloaded this game already or planning on doing so? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.


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