GC-2 Wii U Controller

Launched in the later part of last year, the Wii U saw massive Christmas sales success with its unique touch screen controller and much-improved hardware in comparison to its equally popular predecessor. Nintendo’s latest console also makes use of a secondary controller that doesn’t feature the same touchscreen functionality, yet proves to be the perfect compatriot to the more serious gamers looking for a hardcore FPS session with an equally tough controller that possesses design that is more uniform to alternative console peripherals.

In line with the Wii U’s growing popularity, Gioteck have releases the GC-2 wireless controller. Available in both a sleek black and immaculate white finish, the GC-2 is packed with impressive features to keep it as equally futuristic as the Wii U itself.

GC-2 Wii U Controller

Ergonomic Design

A combination of offset concave thumb sticks, anti-slip triggers and a perfectly weighted, comfortable design that feels natural to hold make the GC-2 the perfect addition to every Wii U set up. It’s comfortable and functional design make it the ideal controller for the longest of gaming marathons, preventing muscle irritation and soreness after prolonged use.

The offset thumb stick design resembles that of an Xbox 360 controller, so will prove to be especially familiar for gamers who share their passion with a variety of consoles.

Advanced Battery Life

An advanced li-ion battery combined with a handy power save feature that places your controller in standby after 5 minutes of inactivity ensures you have hours of trouble free gaming ahead of you. When in doubt about how much juice you have left in the tank, the LED battery indicator is on hand to let you know when it’s time to top up, allowing you to avoid those painful moments of a dying controller during the climatic moments of your game.

Wireless Connectivity


Connect directly to your Wii U with a simple press of a button with the help of Gioteck’s impressive wireless connectivity feature. No longer do you have to concern yourself with annoying wires or staying within reachable range of your console, the GC-2 allows you to get the space you need for comfortable and successful gameplay.

A combination of useful and futuristic features makes this Wii U controller a must-have addition to every set up. Whether you’re a hardcore FPS fanatic in need of a tough controller to guide you through battle, or simply are seeking a handy, user-friendly secondary controller to game with your mates, the GC-2 is certainly ready for any challenges you choose to throw at it.

Check out Gioteck’s range of high quality, budget friendly Wii U controllers on the official website, along with all of the latest news, reviews and product information today.

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