Guns and Robots

One game that I’ve been keeping a close eye on for the past few months is Guns and Robots. I was lucky to be selected to play their closed beta and wow is it fun. Guns and Robots is a combination between Team Fortress 2, and that old 90’s TV show Robot Wars and the best thing is that it’s Free-to-Play!

In Guns and Robots you have the ability to create your own robot warrior from a ton of different parts so you can build a completely unique robot to battle with, you can equip different chassis, batteries, and engines, and choose between different weapons such as launchers, lasers, and chain guns and then choose between a daft selection of heads and hats. With it being free to play, there are some premium features such as better upgrades and attachments. Though you’re probably expecting that by now.

Once you’re done you can then jump right into the action. This game is absolutely hilarious. When I sent my little robot down the hill I was genuinely laughing out loud, the combination between the bobble head on my bot, and the spaghetti western music tickles me something chronic.

The good thing about GnR is the way you can immobilise your opponent depending on where you hit with your own weapon, you can disarm them completely by shooting their guns off, or leave them stuck completely by destroying their chassis.

If you haven’t heard of Guns and Robots, I’d recommend giving it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it and hey, it’s free! Also, check out the game play video above and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean about it being so funny..

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