“Save really cute cat’s from exploding by kicking them.” goes the about description on the apps Facebook page.

Some say the developer Ken Wong hates cat’s but he doesn’t he’s confirmed that cat’s are actually ‘pretty cool’ and that the aim of the game is to top the cats from exploding by keeping them up in the air “So you’re helping prolong their life.” he reassures in his interview with Kotaku.

Hackycat for iOS is a basic keepy-uppy game that has replaced the traditional ball with a large variety of cute feline friends. The goal is pretty much the same too which is to get the best score possible whilst keeping the kitties up in the air. Along the way there’s series of bonuses and collectables and even different characters you can choose to play with.

There’s no release date just yet as to when Hackycat will be available, but it’s definitely one to keep an eye out for.

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