It’s a sad time for THQ games like Homefront and Saints Row, since the company went bankrupt they had to sell off all of their assets different parts of the company went to different people but the one I’m going to mention today is Crytek. Crytek spent over half a million dollars for the Homefront IP and the UK team is currently working on Homefront 2.

Because Crytek now own the Homefront IP they have full control to go in any direction. If their current releases are anything to go by though we can guarantee it’s going to be great.

The original Homefront was released in 2011 and was met with fairly good appraisal receiving 7’s and 8’s from CVG, Gamespot, and OXM. The games sales were terrible though and probably part of the reason why THQ went the way they have done recently.

In a recent interview with Cryteks general manager Nick Button-Brown he has said that the current development of Homefront 2 is going “great” and the “last milestone was excellent”. When asked on a planned release of the next Homefront title nothing was said other than that Crytek “might change the release date that we haven’t announced, and move this to another release date we won’t announce yet either.”

Back when Kaos Studios were developing the game, there was a rumour that THQ will be releasing the game during the next fiscal year – April 2013 – Mark 2014. So if that’s anything to go by we may be looking at a late 2013 release (hopefully). Despite poor sales of the original game, Crytek have the potential to turn this franchise around into something more appealing to the current gamer.

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