Holy cover bag !

Editors Note: Let me introduce our latest writer Josh Francis, he’s our resident comic book nerd and will be supplying you with comic book related columns for you to get your nerdy teeth into! Besides you can’t have a site with the word nerd it in without the occasional post about the nerdiest past time ever – comic books. And what better place to start than a post titled ‘How To Get Into Comics’… Enjoy.

Holy cover bag !

When it comes to comics, one of the most off putting things for a new comer is the fact there is so much baggage. As a fan I can admit it can sometimes get in the way, however I’ve come up with a few tips to help navigate these issues.

Do you like the cover?

It’s the most simple tip, does the cover catch your eye ? Has it done its job and caused you to stare rather than glance? If it does it might be the one for you. Inspect it closer see if there’s any text that explains the story. If it does intrigue you further, pick up and give it a skim read.

Buy in bulk if possible.

One will never be enough, but don’t go buying an entire series in one go. If you profoundly enjoyed the story go back and buy another one. If the story makes reference to events in another comic maybe it’s worth checking it out to cement your love for the story or maybe it’s just as interesting.

Go back further

If you’re in a shop and you see a series which catches your eye, you should try and start back as far as you can. Sometimes going waaaay back is not always suitable but maybe just the start of the story arc? It’s a myth that comics is opposed to new readers and aims towardsthose with an archaic knowledge. Writers like to explain back stories and put in ‘jumping on’ points so new readers can take part in the fun. Many still offer a ‘previously’ section which also helps to recap previous events.

If you don’t understand just Wiki it !

Sometimes the ‘previously’ section is absent. That’s were our friend The Internet comes in. If there’s a reference you don’t understand research it. The comic community has crammed the web full of nifty little sites full of information to fill in the blanks. Specialist Wikis like the Marvel and DC database are a good place to start.

Enjoy it !

Make sure you enjoying what you’re reading, find something you enjoy, you don’t need to read major titles, it’s a big world out their and even if it is a little cliché theirs something for everyone, from Amazing Spider-Man to Little Scrowlie.

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