Trust: The Cause of Identity Theft

There is nothing wrong with trusting in itself and as long as the person receiving that trust is in fact trustworthy; however, trust the wrong person can lead to identity theft. Upwards of twenty five per cent of identity theft victims know the source of the crime. Mobile users can be faced with the same threat; nearly sixty per cent of mobile users do not password protect their home screens leaving potential thieves opportunity to rifle through any apps or e-mail that may contain sensitive documents.

Trusting someone with your password, especially if you only use one, is a very dangerous move no matter whom you are entrusting the password with. Many people have had their lives ruined simply by being to trusting or too sharing with sensitive information. As well, it is becoming increasingly easier for thieves to get a hold of birthday information with the rise of social media web sites.

Source: The Stupidest Things You’re Doing to Put Your Identity at Risk

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