Kick Ass
Sore: The whooping a hero has to take

In my opinion Kick Ass is one of those graphic novels you should probably read. Mostly for it’s ‘Wow how much realism is there in this with out it being dark’ motif, it manages to be funny and have strong story which many light hearted comics sometimes fail to create.

On this train of thought it might be worth looking at the book as perhaps a covert parody of the genre which can do no wrong in the entertainment worlds eyes or the eye of their accountants.

Of course the idea of parodying the popular trends is not a new idea in comics. One such example is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The heroes in a half shell were a direct parody the 80’s ninja loving entertainment culture and a cheeky mimicking of Frank Millers iconic run on Daredevil, all which started out in an underground black and white indy comic.

The jury is still out if Kick Ass can become the media juggernaut the Turtles went on to become, mainly because of the oh so adult content which spices up the template superhero story. One nerdy lad on a crusade for justice and a pretty girl learning the ropes to fight crime.

Some points which echo the idea of parody comes from how protagonist Dave is not inspired to become a hero after his mothers death, the excuse circulated about why he’s always so beaten up and how none of the heroes or villains are inspired by the plain idea of justice or taking over the world, their role models basically are comic books.

The books works as humorous take of the superhero franchise, but instead a simple mirror to a popular hero like Spider-man for example it tries to add it’s own common sense ideas to the mix. How does an average kid go about fighting crime ? In a world where villains don’t play nice how do heroes go about defend themselves ?

To define parody it’s ‘An imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.’ and thought Kick Ass addresses issue of the genre in a common sense way it’s clearly over exaggerated in some cases like how Big Daddy in hard core comic fan looking for a better life by imitating fantasy.

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