Microsoft doesn’t really help snuff out the rumors that 2013 may year of the next generation Xbox console’s release, especially when they decided to demonstrate the IllumiRoom at this years Consumer Electronics Show giving viewers a taste of what’s to come with both the next  generation of the Kinect, and innovating an entirely game play experience.

The video above – according to Microsoft – hasn’t been edited in post-production, what you see is all filmed live. Pretty impressive eh? According to the Official Xbox Magazine, Microsoft says it can “change the appearance of the room, induce apparent motion, extend the field of view, and enable entirely new game experiences.” And from the looks of it, it’ll do just that.


The video above and everything it shows fits directly with a patent for the ‘Holodeck’ that Microsoft filed back in September of last year. The patent however complicated it may be to read basically describes the video above. The user’s focus is within the “high resolution display” that’s often “bounded by the bezel of the dislplay” (your TV and it’s edges)  and though the user can percieve “architectural and decorative features of the room” such as cabinets, TV units, ect, these are all out of context with what’s being displayed on your TV. The patent goes on to say “The ability to perceive motion and identify objects in the peripheral environment (i.e., in a region outside of the high resolution display) may intensify the entertainment experience.” To put it plainly, if you’re playing a game and there’s an explosion, wouldn’t it be freaking amazing if the explosion not only blew up on your TV, but expanded the black boarders and continued outside, onto the wall.

The IllumiRoom is a 3D projector and it’s been said that it has the ability to scan the room using infrared light patterns to ditermine the players position and displaying the surrounding image accordingly. The Kinect also ties into how the player interacts with the device. Though this technology is exciting news, and it also goes with the rumours of a next generation of Kinect being released with the next Xbox console, and the addition of augmented reality glasses, the video above is only a proof-of-concept so it might not happen.

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