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Bart was first known as Impulse but grew up to be Kid Flash

Bart was first known as Impulse but grew up to be Kid Flash
Bart was first known as Impulse but grew up to be Kid Flash

Higuyshere’sanothercoollittlecomicartilclecomingyourway! (Translation at normal speed: Hi guys here’s another cool little comic article coming your way!)

So with the Batman Arkham series approaching it’s difficult third addition, and judging how the number 3 never works in the superhero world (Spider-man 3 and Superman 3) it might be time to look into the yonder for the next video game superhero.

So to break the mould and be fresh how about a game series which follows a sidekick, one perhaps not well known in the mainstream, Kid Flash.

There have been two Kid Flashes. Wally West who eventually went on to become the Flash and who is currently in limbo in terms of he currently exists post DC New 52 reboot.

The second who would be the ideal is Bart Allen. Bart is the descendant of the original Flash Barry Allen and came from the future to learn how to properly control his powers.

Bart is the ultimate representation of the gamer community. In depth with all things nerd and possessing a more pop culture sense of humour then Spider-man.

Bart’s the one with the most control over his abilities, he has the ability to read anything at super speed and unlike most speedsters he maintains that knowledge.

Though Bart my posses a power set which is applied correctly can rival Superman, the fact is Bart doesn’t. His “run fast and ask questions later” nature always impedes in the most common sense way without feeling strained.

One power which hasn’t necessarily hasn’t been experimented with in superhero games is super speed. The web swinging mechanics in the Spider-man games are pretty much there but super speed is a whole new dimension of fun mechanics for combat and problem solving situations. One example would be the hyper kinetic spider-sense the Flash is accessing in the comics to test a variety of scenarios and super-speed.

What makes a good super hero is the villains. Without a compelling bad guy they don’t stand out as much. The Flash has spades of bad guys with a variety of boss fight potential. Like the Mirror Master and illusion skills he has with his mirrors.

Extra home work: Scour YouTube for the footage of the abandoned Flash game and make up your own mind.

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