Lifescouts is the brain child of YouTuber nerimon (Alex Day) and aside from his crazy hair and dress sense, the things he ‘Vlogs’ about are actually really interesting and quite relatable and not only that he’s hilarious too.

So what is Lifescouts, the video above explains the idea behind it and basically it’s like Scouts, for everyone! Primarily it’s internet based but the idea is to turn off the internet, and go do those things you haven’t yet done, such as sky diving, or hot air ballooning. There’s a tumblr account full of the different badges that you can reblog, or tweet out, or share, or whatever you want that basically says “Yeah, I did that” or “I can do that” and from here you can explain your experience, or just display the accolades on your Blog or twitter or Facebook for everyone to see.

Now having things online is great, but you don’t get to physically touch things that are online, so what Alex has done, is create a set of pin badges for you to buy so you can show the non internet dwellers all of the things you’ve done in your life. These badges aren’t just cheap button pins though, if you’ve watched the video above, you’ll probably agree that they’re actually really, really nice and you’d also expect them to be pretty expensive. Nope. They’re £3 each with free delivery in the UK.

I love this idea, and when I watched the video and browsed the Tumblr I just had to write about it!

You can watch the video here if you can’t see it above.
You can check out the Tumblr here.
You can buy the badges from here.

If you’ve checked out the video above as well as the Tumblr page and you’re keen to get involved, let us know what badges you’ve achieved in the comments below!

Here are a few of my achievements:

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