Custom Class 1

If you’re a regular reader of n3rdabl3 you probably know that I’m a huge Call of Duty Black Ops fan. It’s something I play a lot and I’d happily choose to play either game in the series over anything else! Since the release in November, each day I’ve managed to squeeze in a few rounds each day and I feel that I’m pretty comfortable with the game and I’ve discovered a few favourites when it comes to creating a class, so why not share them?

Here I’ll list my top three favourite loadouts from Black Ops II along with the reasons why I’ve considered them and why I think they’d benefit others during multiplayer games, along with what game modes I think they’re good for.

Custom Class 1 – Fast paced running and gunning. 10 Points.

Custom Class 1

Primary Weapon – MSMC Sub Machine Gun
Attatchments – Reflex Sight, Quick Draw, Laser Sight

Secondary Weapon – Empty
Attatchments – Empty

Perk 1 – Lightweight
Perk 2 – Toughness
Perk 3 – Dexterity

Lethal – Grenade
Tactical – Smoke Grenade

Wildcards – Primary Gunfighter

This class in particular is one I go for when playing in an objective based game such as Domination, Demolition, and Hardpoint. This class gives you the ability to run in, plant the bomb / capture the objective, and get out as quickly as possible. With the aid of the Smoke Grenade you can hopefully get in and out without being seen. With the addition of Quick Draw and Dexterity you’ll find that when you run into an opponent you should have the advantage depending on your own reflexes. I find that on maps that have a particularly favoured spot for Snipers (Nuketown) the smoke can also help hinder their view giving you the ability to get around and pop them off while they wait for the smoke to clear.

Custom Class 2 – Standing ground. 10 Points

Custom Class 2Primary Weapon – FAL-OSW Assault Rifle
Attatchments – Reflex Sight, Quick Draw, Select Fire

Secondary Weapon – Empty
Attatchments – Empty

Perk 1 – Hardline
Perk 2 – Hard Wired
Perk 3 – Engineer

Lethal – Bouncing Betty
Tactical – EMP Grenade

Wildcards – Primary Gunfighter

This class I think is perfect for games like Head Quarters, Hardpoint, and Capture the Flag where you’re most likely going to be standing ground to protect an objective from the enemy. The FAL-OSW Assault Rifle is one of my favourites to put Select Fire onto because even though the fire-rate isn’t particularly favourable, if you can get two, maybe three shots into your enemy, they’re done for. The addition of the Bouncing Betty helps cover your back if you’re surrounded by many enterances or if you’re quite out in the open. The EMP Grenade is slowly becoming a close favourite of mine because even though it doesn’t do too much to your opponent, what it does to their equipment makes up for that – perfect for the games mentioned above where people tend to place a Guardian down to cover the objective. That teamed up with Engineer makes it a lot easier to discover where enemy equipment is located.

Custom Class 3 – The knife class.

Custom Class 3Primary Weapon – Empty
Attatchments – Empty

Secondary Weapon – Empty
Attatchments – Empty

Perk 1 – Lightweight, Blind Eye
Perk 2 – Toughness, Cold Blooded
Perk 3 – Dead Silence, Extreme Conditioning

Lethal – Empty
Tactical – Empty

Wildcards – Perk 1 Greed, Perk 2 Greed, Perk 3 Greed

When the rumours about the new Create-a-Class system came out, and the point system was first mentioned, someone said that you could begin the game with nothing, but load up on perks, giving you an advantage when you ended up finding a weapon. I thought that idea was awesome so pretty much the day we got Black Ops II I created this class and let me tell you, it’s awesome.

It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you do you’ll realise why I chose this class in my top 3. As you may know when you begin a game with no primary you end up with just a knife, this in itself is perfect for sprinting around the map and attacking any unsuspecting victims with a swift knife to the face. In games like Kill Confirmed this is perfect for getting an instant Kill Confirmed tag. In other games, when you manage to pick up a gun this is when the perks you originally assigned come into play. You immediately have the advantage over opposing players because not only do you have the speed of Lightweight and Extreme Conditioning, you also have the stealth advantages that Cold Blooded, Blind Eye, and Dead Silence give to you. Though at times it can be a little frustrating to try and find a dropped weapon, once you do you should hopefully be kicking ass.

Let me know if you try out any of these classes, or why not share your own? Leave a comment below!

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