Special Forces: Team X

Special Forces: Team X

How have I only just heard about this game? Special Forces: Team X is a new game from MicroProse (famous for  Sid Meier’s Civilization and RailRoad Tycoon) and published by Atari for Xbox Live Arcade and PC as a digital download. The game is a third person tactical shooter that has has the same cartoony character style that the Borderlands series is famous for.

Special Forces: Team XSpecial Forces: Team X or STX is a brand new multiplayer game developed by Zombie Studios (the developers of Blacklight Retribution)  and involves the most insane and creative third person shooter that I’ve ever seen. It takes the familiar team vs. team multiplayer and completely turns it on it’s head giving you the option to not only customise load outs, but have a say in how the multiplayer map appears. Players have the ability to shape the battlefield by selecting individual environmental pieces, which in turn results in over 100 combinations of combat zones.

Special Forces: Team XThe game’s not short of weapons either, with a bunch of exclusively licensed weapons  including Kalashnikov, Colt, Famas, Sig Sauer and Mossberg, thanks to a partnership with Cybergun SA and just like the map, you have the ability to customise your gun with a huge variety of upgrades. Oh and did I mention that there’s a friggin’ chainsaw?

Not only does STX have the standard two team games, there’s also three team and four team games that can play a variety of game modes such as TDM, HVT and HZ. Team co-operation is also heavily rewarded in this game so if you’re a lone wolf, it might be a good time to grab some friends.

I’m super excited for this game, it looks pretty awesome! Special Forces: Team X will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and PC in the Fall (or Autumn for us Brits).

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