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For sometime now, companies have been creating add on products to allow one to turn their android device into a full controller. Most, haven’t worked so well. Yesterday however the world of mobile gaming got a bit of exciting news as NVIDIA started CES off with a bang. Along with the news of a new range of products and the new Tegra 4 chip, NVIDIA got the press going with the announcement of Project Shield, a portable gaming device with power inside running, you guessed it, Android.

Project ShieldNVIDIA are known for creating some great products with simple philosophies that run to the products core. That applies to Project Shield as well, as NVIDIA believe gaming should be open and flexible ensuring a solid user experience. Created as a pure Android device a user will be able to access the Google Play store and play any game right off the market on the device. Add to that the option to use Project Shield as a wireless receiver and controller to stream games from a PC powered by NVIDIA GeFroce GTX GPUs, you have a solid idea. This includes your Steam game library as well.

So what makes Project Shield stand out from those add on products I said earlier? For one, it’s NVIDIA. They have experience in creating stunning products and a strong drive to continue to help push gaming to new heights. Remember also that NVIDIA engineers are gamers themselves who love to imagine new ways to play. Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and chief executive at NVIDIA said “We were inspired by a vision that the rise of mobile and cloud technologies will free us from our boxes, letting us game anywhere, on any screen.” and continued to say “We hope other gamers love Shield as much as we do.”. The result of this is Project Shield, combining the advanced power of the NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip, high speed gaming Wi-Fi technology and HD video and audio all build into a console-grade controller. Allowing gamers to play on the integrated, 5 inch flip screen or use the control on a big screen through wireless or wired connection. Power and freedom, what more could you want?

Project ShieldSo to recap we have NVIDIA, a company full of passionate gamers, working on a new Android based device which allows users to even stream their PC games. I for one, am personally rather looking forward to this. It’s fair to say that the technologies being used are nothing new, remember OnLive? But as a complete package offering something new on the market be aimed at gamers by gamers, I have good feelings this could work. Even just as an Android device, having that much power and control will add a whole new user experience and level of enjoyment to mobile gaming.

At the current moment there is no word on pricing and for me, that is the main point holding me back to saying this would be a must buy. It’s a great idea and a solid product for those who want a powerful, compact and portable gaming device but price will be the make or break point. It’s not a wide market product, that’s for sure but there is a want for this. Let’s hope Project Shield develops into the perfect gaming product and takes the market by storm.

For more on Project Shield go to the website.

Also be sure to check the video demonstration above too!

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