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The Italian Plumber returns in his paper and RPG style gameplay and it’s one of the best 3DS titles that I own and was a welcome Christmas present.

The game takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom in glorious paper form and you are celebrating the stick festival, where characters gather around and stare at a shiny stick which looks like a star. The story then takes a normal formulaic turn where Bowser steps in and ruins everything by trying to steal the sticker whilst also kidnapping the princess.

Lets start with the presentation, and I know what you’re thinking and that the 3DS does not have fantastic graphics and you would be right with some games but not all of them. Paper Mario is a prime example of how far the console can be stretched presentation wise. The overall look of this game is what you would expect from a Mario game which is bright, colourful and various landscapes. What stands out the most are the 3D effects used in this game in the fact that it works, rather than it just being there for the hell of it. When you turn the 3D effect on it emphasises how 2D the characters are and as you can guess with the name Paper Mario everything’s made of paper.

The gameplay is not like your standard Mario game, and what I mean by that is it’s more like Final Fantasy in the sense that you take turns attacking each other, it still has all the platform elements when you are moving through a level but when you hit an enemy it goes into battle mode. The combat system is different to other Mario RPG’s because in order to attack your enemies you have to have a certain sticker to do an attack, for example if you want to jump on your target you have to have a jump sticker in your inventory. You find these stickers throughout the world or you can buy them with coins that you have collected in the levels. Throughout levels you will find objects which are called ‘things’ (not the most creative name in the world), and with these ‘things’ you can turn them into stickers which I generally use in boss fights. Alternatively you can use them to manipulate the world around you, to do this you go into a mode which lets you lift objects up and stick things down, for example there was a windmill blade in the way so I used a fan which I had found in another level to move it.

Overall this game is the best 3DS title that has been released so far and is a nice change from violent video games such as Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, so if you have a 3DS (which I doubt many of you do) buy this game. It’s new and fresh rather than it being a port of a past game (ahem Zelda and Metal Gear Solid 3).

Have you got Paper Mario Sticker Star for your 3DS? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

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