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Smartphones today are as powerful as computers were around 10 years ago, now that’s not saying much considering how far we’ve come with computers today, but for small hand held devices that are no bigger than 5 or 6-inches diagonally and a few centimetres thick it’s kind of a big deal! Mobile gaming has come a long way too since the introduction of games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Doodle Jump. We’re now getting full blown console games being re-written and ported onto our phones like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or CS:Portable but the only thing letting these top games down, are the limited on-screen controls that can quite often be frustrating and fiddly.

There are a fair few controllers made for Android or iOS devices such as the GameDock for iOS, but not all of them are made for every type of game available on both of these huge selling smartphone OS’s.


moga pro

CES was a big hit this week, not only for innovation, but for it’s vast amount of new products, and one I’d like to mention today is PowerA’s Moga Pro controller. This controller was one of the best smartphone controllers being demonstrated at CES this year, and for me I think it’s because it takes on a rather familiar appearance to that of the Xbox 360 controller.

The Moga Pro features two analog sticks, a D-pad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons and two triggers, and connects to any Android device via bluetooth, it also features an integrated folding grip that secures Android phones that are no wider than 3.2-inches. For those of you with wider devices there’s no need to fret, the Moga Pro also comes with a stand for both larger Android phones, and tablets.

Moga ProThe only down side to controllers like this is the compatibility with games available on the Play Store, but PowerA have thought about that and provide users with an app called the Moga Pivot App that’ll give you a list of the games compatible with the device.

Currently there’s quite a vast list such as;

Expendable Rearmed
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Battle Bears Royale
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
NFL Pro 2013
Steampunk Racing 3D
Tiki Kart 3D
Asphault 7: Heat HD
and many more.

In terms of pricing, like most things at CES it’s to be confirmed but if their old controller model is anything to go by, we’re looking at around £30+ a little pricey for a controller, but with the vast amount of games on the Play Store with pretty low price tags, it might actually be worth it!

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