Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y

If you missed the news yesterday then allow me to jump right to the point. The next generation of Pokémon games has been announced, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Before I even bring to talk about this exciting news check out the announcement trailer above.

Now then, take a moment to compose yourself, I know I had too. Let’s take a moment to just enjoy how stunning and exciting this new game looks. Now, it should be said that the video doesn’t show any final gameplay so all is subject to change but there are some great features to be looking forward too. Before any of that however, let’s talk Legendary Pokémon, which you can see towards the end of the trailer. Their names are Xerneas and Yveltal (Pronounced: ZURR-nee-us and ee-VELL-tawl) which for now is all we know about these two stunning Pokémon. Add the three starters to that and it looks like we are going to have one of the best lists of Pokémon yet.

XerneasAs stated in the trailer these new games will be on the Nintendo 3DS, unlike the last games Pokemon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. When they were announced to not be 3DS titles it create a bit of unrest with the fans but the developers were quick to point out that they didn’t want to leave anyone out from playing. Now with the lower price of the 3DS and the fact Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will release worldwide at the same time, which is a first, gamers can all start their journeys together. Thou I’m not liking the idea that it’s on the 3DS due to well, the 3D, I’m happy to see that the graphics have finally taken that next step. If you asked me years ago what I would want a Pokémon game to look like, this would be it. I’m super excited for this new release and can’t wait for October.

YveltalAt the minute, details are very few and far between with almost everything being shown in the above trailer. As more details are released we will make sure to keep you posted. 2013 wasn’t going to be a big year of gaming for me but looks like I have my next preorder.

What do you think about the new Pokemon announcement?

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