Super Knights

We briefly covered the news about this game a while ago, back when it was named Knights of the Round Cable. Since then Focus Home Interactive has changed the name to Super Knights, and it’s now available for free on Android devices!

Super Knights has been available for iOS for a few months now and has been given rave reviews from the critics and I can see why.

The game itself is ridiculously simple with the primary objective being to collect as many gems as possible whilst avoiding ghosts and birds and obviously rescuing the damsel in disress! Super Knights also has an incredibly nostalgic feel to it. It’s partly down to the choice of music, it’s quite similar to the music you’d hear from old school SEGA megadrive games! It’s also partly down to the way you send the knight from one post to another which is very familiar to the way Rayman gets from one place to another..

Super KnightsAlong the way you collect coins, this is done by completing levels, playing the game daily, and signing in through Facebook. These coins can then be used to buy upgrades for your little knight fellow, such as more hearts, a “last chance” that blows up the knight when you lose all of your lives, magnets so the jewels come to you sooner, and jewel upgrades giving you multiple jewels for every one you collect.

I’d suggest you grab your phone and give this game a go, but I can’t guarantee you’ll put it down.

Super Knights on Google Play.
Super Knights on iTunes.

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