Tekken Card Tournament

Tekken Card Tournament

A few days ago Namco Bandai and Bandai Inc. announced their new, cross media based game for smartphones, tablets, and the web; Tekken Cart Tournament. The game is a free-to-play online card battle game where players can enter the King of Iron Fist tournament and win using card-based Focus, Strike and Block moves to take down opponents.

Along with the cross platform card game for your smartphone or tablet, there will soon be physical booster packs to help create the perfect deck, as well as QR codes letting players instantly add the card to their digital deck in-game, and Augmented Reality to bring the characters to life in players’ environments. Not only can these be added to your virtual deck, they can also be used to play their own stand alone card game. (less visually pleasing mind you, but still fun I’m sure!)

_bmUploads_2013-01-21_984_CardIf you’re looking to get your hands on this pretty neat looking game you’re going to have to wait, but I’ve been assured it’s coming real soon. The ‘booster packs’ have been scheduled to be released in Spring, so you’ll be waiting a little longer for those..

Keep an eye out for more news on this as soon as it arrives!


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