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If you didn’t play Temple Run all the way back in 2011 then you clearly must of been too busy actually running around aTemple Run 2 Zip Line temple because that’s the only excuse I’m happy to accept. Temple Run returns with the second installment and this time they’ve gone all out! Imangi Studios are responsible for the iconic games, and haven’t differed from it much. The basis of the game is the same, but it’s just been jazzed up and given a new front.

As I’m sure you’ll all know Temple Run was very popular and the sequel was much awaited and finally arrived last Thursday (17th) on all iOS devices. The original game and it’s Disney spin-off/expansion was downloaded about 170 million times so Temple Run 2 has big boots to fill. The core of Temple Run 2 has stayed the same as it’s predecessor with the swipe to turn corners, swipe down to slide and swipe up to jump. Super simple stuff. It’s the aesthetics that you will see the noticeable change, the game no longer has your adventurer running in what appeared to be a swampy location instead it’s all done in a ‘cloud city’, filled with ruins and wonder.

The game will always start with you being changed by the evil monkey, this time though instead of it being a small group of them it’s a rather large frighting one. A short run occurs until you reach a zip line, this new feature is going to go one of two ways, it could be a straight down short ride or alternatively a lengthy zip line with twists and passing clouds. I like the inclusion of the zip lines they can break up a run rather nicely, giving you a chance to compose yourself ready for the next part of the run for your life. Collecting coins this time will fill a power up bar, at the top a power up of your choice, weather it be a shield or a  coin magnet which is my personal favorite it can really help you out collecting coins or getting that all time furthest distance.

Temple Run 2 MinecartRather than spending money to keep you alive, you spend gems. These gems can be found or earned and can revive to a safe point to continue your run. The first time you die in a run it will cost one gem, the second time 2 gems and the third time, yes you guessed it. 4 gems. I don’t know what increments it goes up from there after as I have never had that many gems to spend. The second new feature you will find is the addition of the minecart, a maze of tracks having to go two wheels over perilous pits and duck under fallen wooden mine supports. The track will always fork with the player having to choose to lean one way to direct the cart the appropriate way. Once out the other end the run continues until next time.

Once you inevitably die you are, as usual given the stats of your last adventure including your coin total.  Challenges will be given to earn you more XP and in turn giving you a better multiplier. Some challenges are alot harder than others but keep the game interesting with the optional objective to do them or just to get as far as possible. The upgrade system which you will be spending your hard earned coins on are just like the first game, including; Coin Value, Shield Duration, Coin Magnet Duration and Boost Distance. You know you have too much money on Temple Run 2 when you buy other characters (Sadly with no Indiana Jones type this time), but you’re wrong. Characters will unlock power ups for the player and so they have a use.

The only issue I’ve had with the game so far is that sometimes, if you get a notification and your mid turn or about to duck, your movement doesn’t register finding you needing to be revived. it’s annoying but it’s only happened once so far.

Temple Run 2 game flying straight out the gates with 20 million downloads since it’s launch (17th Jan) and is due on Android devices on Thursday(24th) and Amazon later this week too. You can download Temple Run 2 by clicking the link.

Have you found yourself running from that monkey once again? What are your thoughts on the new running hit? Let us know in the comments below.

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