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So Christopher Nolan’s trilogy has come to a triumphant end. So like with everything geek it’ll probably be a while before a generally consensus comes up in the community.

But looking at one the big twists and one which will probably receive the must scrutiny is…









How Joseph Gordon Levitt turns out to the universe to be Robin. But not in the conventional teen hero sense as Levitt’s character first name turns out to be Robin. Clever ? Probably, Nolan and Christian Bale both bitterly said Robin would never show his face.

Though since any slight change to tradition irritates fans in most media forms I’m going to offer an alternative thought which is just as equally controversial. Jason Todd would have made the best Robin for the Dark Knight Trilogy.

For those of you going ‘who ?’ Let’s have a little bat-breakdown of the Robins of yonder:

Dick Grayson: A young acrobat who saw his family killed in front of him. Batman took him in as his sidekick to help him get justice. Eventually became the hero Nightwing.

Jason Todd: Rendered homeless Jason was taken in by Batman after catching him stealing drugs from a free clinic. Killed by Joker but revived by forces unknown. He swore revenge on the Joker for killing him and Batman for not avenging him. He’s currently the Red Hood, apparently an identity the Joker may have used.

Tim Drake: The only Robin to figure out Batman’s identity. Tim saw how dark and alone Batman had become and decided he need a Robin. Currently he is the Red Robin changing his name out of respect for Jason.

Damian Wayne: The current Robin. He’s the son of Batman and Ras Al Ghul’s daughter Talia. Violent and almost like a less foul mouthed Hit Girl. Trained by the best assassins and minds in the world.

So think about it. Jason is the darkest and most violent of the four. Like Nolan’s Batman, he always bent the rules, like in Batman Begins how he beat Ra is similar to how Jason once used a gun against a gangsters whilst under fire.

Jason is renowned for violence like Batman. He understands the streets something Batman struggled with throughout the trilogy, and something the other three lacked.

Bruce at the core of the films it still very angry and it shows as he barely channels it. Jason had the same problem and maybe this would have given more discipline for the lonely Bat.

Even in Begins Alfred mentioned they had ‘spares’ for costumes.

If you can’t picture how this would look, go to Google image and type in Dark Knight Robin or Nolanverse Robin and that might help.

Though if we drag this out into reality. Nolan would have created a direct Robin parallel with the comics. It’s just not his style. But to end on a classic piece of Marvel jargon ‘but still what if ?’

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