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Welcome to The Indie Fix! In this brand new column we will be taking a look at Indie games and titles that may have fallen under the radar in general. Every week I will be testing titles in-depth and giving you guys a look at what they’re all about.

Forge logoThis week, we take a look at the online class based multiplayer PvP game, Forge.

Forge is a prime example of a game, that despite not reaching its kickstarter funding, it still managed to find it’s feet and make a success of it. Voted for by the community through Steam Greenlight, Forge was eventually released onto the Steam store and to good reviews. What was released was the first full build of the game, with the promise of a whole array of features set to debut through a series of updates.

Developed by Dark Vale Games, an indie studio, which boasts staff from Epic, Bungie, THQ, Midway and SOE, Forge takes all the PvP aspects of an MMO and puts them into a standalone game, making for a fun and engaging multiplayer experience that is better than most PvP systems in any MMO out there today. There are no subscription fees either, just buy the game, priced at a very reasonable £14.99 and play forever.

There are five classes to choose from in the current build of the game, but regular updates to the game hint that there will Forge classbe more. Currently playable classes include, Assassin which is near enough self explanatory, Pathfinder who uses a bow and sets of traps to take down its enemies from afar. The Pyromancer, a mage which uses fire magic to burn its enemies to the ground. The Shaman who heals and supports their allies in battle and The Warden a fearless warrior which protects their allies around them, whilst rallying them forth into battle.

Each class has their own set of abilities and play styles to choose from. A leveling system is also in place, much like in MMOs, through playing matches you gain experience to spend across any of the five classes on offer. Here you can customise the classes to suit your play style  upgrading attributes, abilities and stats to create your perfect build.

Forge screenFour maps spread variety across forge, with Capital Siege giving the player a claustrophobic close quarters experience. Field of Ruins’, designed to resemble a ruined city and to make players feel vulnerable in most areas of the map. Forest Ambush is the map which differentiates itself from the others, with elevations, openness and interrupted lines of sight, forcing players to think in these three dimensions at all times. Ymil’s Throne is branded as the ‘classic’ map, this will feel familiar to FPS players, two opposing fortresses with two teams battling it out.

You can get Forge on Steam for £14.99.

That’s it for this weeks Indie Fix. We’ve only just covered the very bare bones of the game, but join me next week where I will be taking a look at the combat and game modes in Forge!

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