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Welcome to The Indie Fix! In this brand new column we will be taking a look at Indie games and titles that may have fallen under the radar in general. Every week I will be testing titles in-depth and giving you guys a look at what they’re all about.

Forge logoThis week we are wrapping up our coverage of Forge, showing off combat and the game modes on offer. If you missed last weeks Indie Fix, check back, and get yourself familiar with this brilliant title.

Currently on offer are five game modes. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Relic and Arena. With two other game modes to come soon. Forge offers a lot of variety in its current build and with the upcoming two game modes, King of the Hill and Relic Assault, there is something for every type of player. Whether it be the kill frenzied gamer or the hardcore objective player.

A server browser is yet to be introduced, taking away the freedom of choice and customisation to which server suits you best. But nine times out of ten, servers joined through the quick play option, are often great.

Combat in Forge is fast, frenetic and incredibly fun. Each class is unique to one another and designed in such a way that they compliment each other in a variety of ways. Essentially, teamwork is key in Forge.

Each class has it’s own set of eight skills/spells at its disposal at the start of a game. These can be upgraded along with the characters attributes as you start winning games and earning experience.

Much like MOBA titles such as League of Legends these are binded to keys on the keyboard, due to the camera control. You’ll probably need to re-bind these though, as I found they were very awkwardly placed.

During my time in Forge, I’ve played through many a game. Taken each class for a run and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although unfinished, it has done a great job of picking itself up after a failed Kickstarter campaign.

This is just a brief insight into the core mechanics of Forge, we wouldn’t want to ruin it for you would we?

Join me on the next Indie Fix, where we will be looking at, Dungeons of Dredmor!


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