Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

I find it pretty annoying the way certain devices are governed by their manufacturers, we’ve got Apple’s rules on what apps are allowed on iOS, Samsung, HTC, and many other Android manufacturers apply their own ‘skins’ to the user interfaces that can limit how you use your device as well as delaying Android updates, and now Windows has put a lock on their RT version of Windows 8 preventing developers from compiling their own ARM-based apps and only allowing Windows 8-style applications.

As you may be aware though, there’s a way around the first two. You can Root your Android device and Jailbreak your iPhone and now you can also Jailbreak your Windows RT Surface!

The Verge revealed the other day that a security researcher had managed to figure out a method to exploit a setting within the operating system giving him the ability to run ARM-based apps. Developers then went ahead and created a Jailbreak Tool for Windows RT and whacked it up on the XDA forums hopefully putting the word out there to other ARM app developers that they can start ferreting on creating homebrew apps for Windows RT – the only down side to the exploit is that it’s not permanent, and the tool needs to be re-used if the device reboots.

What are your thoughts on the limits manufacturers put on devices? Leave a comment below!

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