Xi3 Piston

The rumours have been circulating for some time about Valve releasing a ‘Steam Box’, a Steam based console ideal for playing your favourite Steam games in your front room. The rumours initially began when Valve announced Steams Big Picture Mode, a new version of Steam that’s optimised for controllers. Since then there has been some news from the horses mouth about Valve working on the Linux version of Steam so they can begin work on a Linux based Steam box.

Xi3 Piston So what has Xi3 got in store for us? They’ve called it Piston, and it originally appeared on Kickstarter, but since then they’ve received hefty funding from Valve which leads us to believe that they’re perhaps going to Xi3 for their first ever Steam Box.

What is the Piston?

Well the Piston is a modular PC, that’ll run either Linux or Windows, it offers up to 1TB of storage, and hopefully should come with a quad core processor. Currently the specifications remain pretty vague, but if their X7A model is anything to go by, you can expect a quad-core chip with “a 3.2GHz peak speed, a Windows-loaded 64GB SSD and faster graphics.” according to Engadget. The computer itself is a rugged and compact 4-inch box packed with inputs for all of your gaming needs including four USB 3.0 ports, and four eSATAp ports.

Xi3 Piston

Much like most things at CES this is just a teaser of things to come and with no official specifications as yet, it’s likely something big is going to come of this. Though officially it’s not a “Steam Box” it’s been reported that when the “Steam Box” name is mentioned, representatives reply with the old “Your words, not ours”.

One downside though, if the pricing of the current X7A model is anything to go by, we’ll be looking at anything from $500-$1000 which in my opinion, for a games console (because at the end of the day if this ends up being the “Steam Box” that’s practically what it’ll be) is pretty pricey.

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Picture Source: vidaextra.com

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