Xi3 Piston

Xi3 PistonThe latest new on the anticipated release of the Steam Box comes from PC Gamer via Golem.de and according to Valve electronics engineer Ben Krasnow, who spoke at the EHSM 2012 conference in Berlin last month it’ll be running on Linux.

We’ve already been teased with an iX3 Modular computer that was revealed at CES this year, as well as little bite size bits of news about the Steam Box running on Linux, and not to mention the Steam Big Picture update, all things are pointing to a reveal / release in the near future. We’ve also got two big events that are perfect for console announcements such as The Game Developers Conference, and E3 and according to the report by Golem.de a reveal at these events sounds pretty accurate.

But with the rumour of the next generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles being announced at either of these events, I hope that if there is a Steam Box reveal, I hope it’s not too overshadowed.

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