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I’ve chosen this particular game for a number of reasons; It brings back childhood memories like it really was just yesterday, It turns out that a lot of us here at n3rdabl3 loved this game, it was genuinely a great game to play. This game Spider-Man 2 Empire State Buildingwas released all the back in July 2004! I was 12, do you know how badly a 12 year old wants to be Spider-Man?! Anyway, back when it was released as we all know it was a movie tie in, but unlike movie tie in games of today, this was great. It was well made and engaged you every step of the way. This was the first Spider-Man game to feature the free-roam element that now comes as standard to most games.

The game was great, it’s that simple. As I said it was a tie in with the movie but also had links to original characters. Towards the beginning of the game Spider-Man meets Black Cat, it’s with her that the links to other ‘non-movie’ characters are made. She leads Spidey to other villains such as Shocker, Rhino and Mysterio who all make appearances and act as boss fights. I think what made this game so popular at the time was the fact that you could explore New York City as Spider-Man. You could swing, climb or even just run around the whole place, with landmarks like Central Park and the Empire State building.

There were, as I’m sure you’ll all agree many things that this game did right and it’s the things that were done so well that have kept it in so many peoples hearts. I think one of the things I likes was the fact that your web stuck to things when swinging around, whether it was the side of building, flag poles, street lamps or even the passing helicopter. Each web Spidy swingplacement differed and you had to use your Spidey skills to account for that. The fact that you could upgrade Mr. Parker’s skills was another cool thing, different uses for web in combat, or even just upgrading those fists and feet to fight. Web swing speed and mid air acrobatics were all a welcome addition to the game and everything came together really well and just glued the game together to be the greatest game of alot of peoples childhoods.

Did you have this prestigious game in your pile? If so let me know in the comments below what you thought?

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