Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

When I first heard that the next Tomb Raider game will be getting an online multiplayer feature the first thing I thought was that it would be something like two teams of Lara Crofts battling it out against each other and then I realised that, that idea was stupid.

The announcement was first revealed by the Offical Xbox Magazine and what we’ve got is a multiplayer that’ll involve “a team of Lara’s surviving allies pitted against a group of hostile natives cutely referred to as “scavengers.””.

Tomb Raider

A Team Deathmatch game mode has been confirmed along with a game type called “Rescue” that involves the survivors collecting med-packs and delivering them to various points throughout the game, the scavengers mission however, is to reach a specific kill count, finaly Official Xbox Magazine mentioned another objective mode named Cry For Help, but no details were revealed.

Some other details included the multiplayer maps that’ll include the usual traps that you’d expect from a Lara Croft game (that are lever operated) as well as dangerous terrain and destructible bridges and the like.. “an immediate wrong turn out of our cavernous base … had us sliding down a rocky water tunnel…” – sounds pretty exciting.

tombscreen2Other features will include all of the new weaponry that you’d find in the single player campaign, the ability to unlock new characters with the XP you earn along the way as well as altering their stats. In terms of load out each character will have a primary weapon, a sidearm, grenade or projectile, and a climbing axe that’s used for melee.

This all does sound fairly exciting, but are they just throwing a multiplayer option in because that’s what everyone wants right now? Let us know in the comments below!


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