Too Human

Too Human

Developers of Too Human (Silicon Knights) have been forced by the courts to remove, recall, and destroy all games that use the Unreal Engine thanks to a dispute between themselves and Epic Games.

The legal battle that lasted for around five years began when Silicon Knights took Epic Games (developers of Gears of War) to court because they believed they weren’t given the correct information/demonstration of EG’s Unreal Engine. Such claims like SK were provided with an inferior version of the engine as well as “Epic did not provide technical support, failed to offer a “successful demonstration” of the engine by an expected date, and misrepresented the warranty” according do Destructiod.

Things began to backfire for Silicon Knights and in the end they had to pay around $4.5 million in damages as well as being ordered to remove and destroy any titles that utilised the engine such as; X-Men: Destiny, The Sandman, The Box/Ritualist, and Siren in the Maelstrom.

Those of you with a sealed copy of Too Human though might have themselves a collectors edition, and if you haven’t already played Too Human, it’s not too late! It was one of the first games to feature in our Games 4 Under £5 feature, and if you’re into hack and slash/third person shooters then I’d recommend getting it because it’s under £5 pre-owned!

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