I’m a huge fan of puzzle games especially ones that I can just pick up and play whenever I please. That’s why I love my Android so much because it’s chocked full of different types of games that I can spend hours playing.

When it comes to puzzle games though, they need to be challenging as well as engaging. I want to feel like I’m putting work into remembering a combination or solving a riddle or puzzle not just having the answers handed to me whenever I please. Hopefully you feel the same way too so here’s a list of my top four games that really get your brain in a twist.



There’s an abundance of “Simon Says” games on both the Google Play store, and the iTunes App Store most of the time they take the traditional four colour / four tone layout that you’d usually find in this sort of game. Floozled is similar to “Simon Says” but takes the idea and runs with it, occasionally tripping over itself with excitement. Think Simon Says, but on steroids. At first during a simple game, all seems fine, the four coloured squares play a tune and light up, simple. After a few sequences things start to get a bit more complicated. Four turns to Six, then Six turns to Eight, and then Eight turns to.. well, you get the idea. If that’s not enough for you perhaps you should try Insane Mode. This mode removes the colours, and just plays sounds. Sounds a little more difficult right? Well that’s not all. Once the sequence is complete the pink squares then decide to play musical chairs and completely flip, spin, twist, and turn. I barely made it through three sequences.

FloozledThe game has four game modes, Easy (available in the free version for iOS and Android) Medium, Hard, and Insane. Android users can purchase the last three game modes for 69p via in-app purchase. iOS users can unlock Medium, Hard and Insane by completing the Easy mode or via in-app purchase. (if users have unlocked the levels prior to the latest update, they will remain).

You can get Floozled on:
Google Play.
iTunes App Store.

Memory Mastermind

Memory MastermindThis game takes the simple memory game and adds the pressure of trying to beat the clock to get a high score. The game is fairly simple, it displays a sequence of coloured pegs, once you think you’ve got it memorised you tap play, then repeat the sequence you think you remember, and finally tap the play button again. If done successfully and it a decent time you’ll be awarded three stars, if done incorrectly the game board gives you a few hints but knocks your time down giving you two stars or less. The further you progress you’ll be given more time, but the amount of pegs on the board will also increase making it more difficult.

Memory MastermindThere are three game modes available, an Arcade mode which is described above, a colour mode giving you the option to play with either two, three, or four different colour varieties, and finally there’s challenge mode that you can unlock once you’ve completed Arcade Area 1. Challenge mode adds an entirely different dynamic to the game because as well as having to remember the combination, you also are then asked to shift left or shift right. What this means is that you have to remember the combination, and then move it either one space left or one space right, any pegs that are at the edge of the board then move to the opposite side. It’s fairly difficult to explain it in words, it’s really worth playing to find out how.

This game is a nice little time occupier perfect for if you’re taking a quick trip on the bus or waiting to have your teeth pulled.

You can get Memory Mastermind on:
Google Play.
iTunes App Store.

Little Things Forever

Little Things ForeverNot only am I a fan of puzzle games, I’m an even bigger fan of hidden object games. I often spend a lot of my time on Big Fish Games looking at their huge collection of Hidden Object puzzle games. I’m addicted! When I first say Little Things Forever I couldn’t wait for it to download. It looked amazing. The game takes the hidden object puzzle genre and turns it on it’s head.

This game gives you a huge selection of different puzzles and scenarios. You begin with two different puzzles full of different objects that you’re tasked in finding. First you begin with the Triceratops, within the huge dinosaur is a collection of different items that collectively make up the shape of the dino. Like most Hidden Object games you’re given a list of things you’re instructed to find and the quicker you find them the better the score. To shake it up a bit, you’re sometimes given a time limit to find one item at a time (or 4/5 of the same item) and the more you manage to find before the time runs out, the better your score.

Little Things ForeverEach time you complete a puzzle you’re given a puzzle piece, once you’ve collected a certain amount of puzzle pieces you’re then given the task of unscrambling a picture made up of the items you’d find in the ordinary puzzle and once completed you’ll unlock another hidden object level.

If you fancy sitting for hours with your phone pressed up to your dance brushing up on your techno tan then I’d highly recommend getting this game.

You can get Little Things Forever on:
Google Play.
iTunes App Store.

Pixel Twist

Pixel TwistThis game in particular is a game that not only challenges the brain, but also challenges your eyes too. Pixel Twist is a game where you have to line up the randomly ordered pixels to create an image displayed above. To do this you twist, rotate, flip, and turn the pixel cloud until they all line up and create the given image. The aim of the game is to get as many correct images as possible in the given amount of time. The game begins fairly easy with two of the pictures having a hint to give you an idea of how to play, but the further you continue the pixels begin to be a little less uniform and are scattered more sporadically.

Pixel TwistThere are two game modes available in this edition, the main game as desribed above, and a “Ten on Time” game where you’ve got 1:30 to complete 10 images.

You can get Pixel Twist on:
Google Play.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my round up of brain bending apps, let  us know in the comments below if you gave any a try!

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