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The joy of browsing Tumblr was a short lived thing for me. Just like the few years I spent obsessing over how many Myspace friends I had, the year or so I spent casually browsing and re-blogging pictures of polar bears and cats soon came to an end. Partly due to realising that I spent too much time on the mobile app due to getting a nice screen burn of the Tumblr logo on my Galaxy S, and partly due to being bored of the micro blogging platform.

Upon the occasional return to my Tumblr dashboard I started to notice that some posts had been “highlighted” with a little arrow or tab telling me that I should read the post it was attached too. Not too intrusive, and in a way it worked because I did check out the post it was highlighting. Soon after I started to notice the new “pinned” feature, I mean, it was hard not to notice.

The main thing that I liked about Tumblr was the fact that it was sort of “live” like twitter, you refreshed your feed/dashboard and hey there’s a picture of a dog that my friend from Australia has just uploaded. I like the feeling of being “connected” with someone when they’re uploading a picture from their mobile or computer, and a few seconds later there it is on mine, so I give it a quick “like” and go about my day.

Pinned PostsThe “pinned” feature ruined that. When I checked my feed I had someone’s post stuck right there at the top. All up in my face like a wasp in summer. Yeah you had the option to “unpin” the post, but that took effort, and I’m not one for unnecessarily moving my mouse to unpin a post about your new t-shirt design. As much as it may be helping out the person who paid to get the post pinned. I wasn’t a fan.

Tumblr updated their dashboard design last week and along with that removed the pinned post feature, and the highlight post feature also. The decision has been met with many grumpy Tumblr users who had Tumblr credits left to be used. Tumblr haven’t made a statement or a comment in regards to the users who have been left with unusable credits.

Good Riddance I say.

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