Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2Over the past year or so Valve have been working on something special. Not Half Life 3, but wearable computing. More specifically Virtual Reality. The title above: “What We Learned Porting Team Fortress 2 to Virtual Reality” is actually the title of one of Valves sessions at this years Game Developers Conference and according to the session description they came away from this work with a few pointers thanks to the some of the problems they encountered during their work.

Valve hopes the talk will help others who have an interest in building virtual reality engines, or adapting existing games into VR overcome, or foresee potential problems and give developers a push in the right direction.

Virtual Reality is almost a dream cooked up by film directors in the 80’s and since then many attempts at creating a perfect virtual reality gaming experience have been explored such as the Virtual Boy that gave gamers a first taste of a 3D virtual image right in front of their eyes, or the recently featured Oculus Rift over at IGN but nothing will quite be as immersive as movies like Tron and The Matrix and even the game Assassin’s Creed – Okay, they’re not quite virtual reality, but that’s the experience that I want. I want to be IN a game!


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