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Vine first videoVine is a brand new, hot off the press app from Vine Labs Inc and is a way of easily shooting and sharing six second long looping videos. Vine has become so popular so quickly that it has been acquired by Twitter, but they have made a point of saying it is not Twitter exclusive so it works with Facebook and maybe more to come in the future.

The app itself is really easy to use, in fact I can’t stress how simple it is. It’s runs smooth and fluid, the whole thing focus’ on the video and with it’s white background there’s no chance that the video will get lost against the background. As you scroll through the videos and they load up you’ll hear that if there is any sound the app will only play the video you’re looking at. So you don’t have to worry about 5 or more videos playing at the same time which means that the videos run smooth and fast, much like the whole app.

Vine # searchThe app relies, like most social networking apps now with the hashtag, and that’s fine because it works. There is an explore section where you can search for people or for videos by their ‘#’. Vine has some popular pre-suggested ones like pets or food. Already you can see that people have become very inventive with their videos, mainly using the classic stop start technique. When you shoot your first video you get a tutorial and like the app it’s super simple. All you use is a finger, one single finger when touching the screen will record, remove your finger and the recording stops and so on and so forth.

Vine runs very much like the worlds favorite photo sharing app, Instagram and there is no two ways about it, Vine is really just Instagram for videos.

The game was released on the 24th January so when I said hot off the press I meant it. You can pick up Vine for iOS by hitting the link. Hopefully this gem will come to other platforms so keep a close eye here and we’ll let you know.

Have you gotten Vine and if so what were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below

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