Apple Smartwatch Concept

Apple Smartwatch Concept

With the overwhelming success of Pebble, a smart watch that not only tells you the time, but is synced with your iPhone or Android device and tells you if you’ve received a text message or email, lets you control your music, and much more. So why wouldn’t a multimillion company want to get in on that idea?

Okay, Pebble are probably the most well known smart watch variant due to it’s Kickstarter success but there are more out there too that you might not have heard of, so it’s clear to see that there’s a market out there for smart watches. Not only can you customise it to your own tastes, it’d save time checking messages and other things too. Personally I’m in love with the idea! (not so much the price!).

So lets welcome the arrival of that person who’s familiar with the company’s business who’s been chatting with those at the New York Times about Apple working on a watch-like device using curved glass. He who shall not be named told the NYT that Apple are “experimenting with wristwatch-like devices” that should either be compatible with, or run on iOS.

With smart watches like Pebble already working seamlessly with iOS and Android respectively, do we really need an iWatch? Do we really need another exclusive product for those that can afford Apple products? Probably not, but it’s most likely going to happen.

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[Image Source: HotHardware]

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