Connor’s New Outfit

Ratonhnaké:ton – Warrior born in the Mohawk Valley. Seeking revenge against King Washington.

Power of the Bear – Strike your enemy with unimaginable strength.

Power of the Eagle – Quickly move across short distances.

War Paint – Applied during rituals and battles. Sign of courage, strength and honour.

Power of the Wolf – Vanish to become the ultimate predator.

Wolf – Call upon your pack to aid you in battle.

I spoke of the release date of The Tyranny of King Washington for Assassin’s Creed 3 two weeks ago and within that I passed comment on an image of our assassin, Connor in a very awesome looking outfit and I said that I wasn’t sure weather it was strictly promotional or not. Well it turns out which I’m sure you realised from the video, this is a new outfit available when The Tyranny of King Washington becomes available on the 19th February. This is the first outfit to provide bonus’ for Connor, and in my opinion is one of the coolest looking outfits available, or atleat to become available. And trust me I’ve tried them all out.

If your calendar wasn’t already marked for the first part of this amazing DLC, then after viewing this video it should be. It’s the only thing worth remembering this month. St Valen…who?

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