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Revolution is the title of the first instalment of DLC for the ninth Call of Duty game Black Ops II and features four multiplayer maps, one Zombies map, and for the first time ever a brand new Zombies Mode along with a brand new weapon to use online.

Those of us with an Xbox 360 have had the maps for almost a month now so we’re pretty familiar with the maps, so here’s my overall review of the Revolution DLC.

The Maps

Revolution contains four multiplayer maps, Grind, Hydro, Downhill, and Mirage. Out of all of them Grind is the only one I like with the rest of them are pretty lacklustre and fairly disappointing and I think the Black Ops community agree too because when the choice to vote for one of the new maps or an original, the original one seems to get voted for 80% of the time.


Grind is probably the best because it’s bright and chaotic. There’s plenty of cover so you’re only rarely getting swatted off by a sniper and there are many high and low points for you to get the advantage over the opposite team. The choices the developers have made for where the objectives appear is also pretty well done with there being just enough cover for the defenders with an equal amount of weak points for attackers to take the advantage.

Hydro is okay but there are a fair few original maps I’d rather play instead of this map. Hydro is a small map that’s quite linear with only three ways to get from flag A to C in Domination. You’ll often find that you’re really only ever fighting over flag B because the paths to either A or C are most likely covered by the opposition. The positions of the bomb sites in Demolition are rather predictable and at times become impossible to get due to how exposed they are.

DownhillDownhill is just terrible. Whenever this map came up the gameplay was always awful for me. I’m not claiming to be good at this game, but whenever I played on this particular map I didn’t do as well as I could. This map is a snipers heaven. There are so many holes that snipers can just sit in and pick you off it’s beyond the joke.

Mirage is probably the rarest map of the four because it hardly ever comes up or gets voted for, even in the Revolution DLC playlist. I didn’t think this map was too bad. The positions of the objectives were fair, and there was plenty of cover spots and vantage points. The Hardpoint locations were a little misplaced due to the fact that if you could get more than one of your team into the hardpoint, you’ve pretty much got all areas covered.

Overall the maps could have been better. If it weren’t for the Zombies map and game mode, I’d have said that this particular DLC was a waste of money.

peacekeeperThe Gun

The Peacekeeper SMG is a pretty good weapon. I’m no gun buff so I can’t exactly give you facts and figures, but in my opinion, it performs more as an Assault Rifle than a Sub-Machine Gun. It does seem to lack the qualities that I look for in an SMG and that’s close quarters combat. It comes more apparent on maps like Nuketown and Hijacked where you’ll often find yourself bumping uglies with the enemy and you need a gun that hipfires well.

Die Rise

For some reason the Zombies mode in Black Ops II I can’t seem to get on with. With the Tranzit mode it’s sort of lost the pick-up-and-play ability because of the introduction to the bus – why is it there and why do we need to get on it, and what’s with the parts?? Grief mode adds an interesting twist, but it can quickly become more about hurting the opposing team than trying to survive.

dieriseWith the introduction of Die Rise I wasn’t too sure whether we’d play it but we do – a lot. Die Rise brings back the classic Zombies mode where the main objective is to survive for as long as possible, there’s no buses or an opposing team getting in your way, just classic, sh*t yourself zombies mode. In Die Rise you’re in an abandoned and half destroyed high rise building. This time though the perks-a-cola machines aren’t just randomly dotted around the map, in this mode they’re in the various lifts dotted around the two buildings and you literally have to wait for the next lift for them to come back to the door you’re after to get the perk that you want.

Around every 5th level or so you’re not met with Hellhounds, instead you’re met with some lovely Nova Crawler Zombies that don’t explode Nova Gas when you kill them – that is if you kill them. This time the skinny little buggers have decided to rub some Flubber on their hands and feet and now bounce from wall to floor to ceiling making it almost impossible to kill. If you successfully make it through the round, you’re awarded with a Max Ammo – they probably felt bad due to the amount of times you ended up shooting the wall.

The vast size of this map is impressive and there are also so many different ways you can go to get to each area making every time you play the map a little different.

Zombies TurnedTurned

This game mode is insanely fun because for the first time ever you get to be the zombies! As soon as the game begins you’re all Zombies and it’s a mad scramble to find the cure and whoever does, becomes the only human. Like a strange backwards game of tag that person then has to defend themselves against the swarm of other zombie players. The game is fully customisable too with the choice of backwards Gun Game or for the human player to just have a shotgun. The winner is the player that managed to survive the longest.

This particular game mode for some reason can only be played online by yourself, you can’t be in a party, nor can you enter an online game with two local players. The only way to play with friends is to create a private game which is a shame really.


Overall the multiplayer maps are fairly disappointing. I can’t help but hope that the next DLC is going to be better. The only real positive is the Zombies part of the DLC and the Peacekeeper SMG. Obviously it’s all down to personal preference, so maybe you’re impressed with the maps. Why not let me know in the comments!

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