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Web series are becoming more and more popular as their budgets and production methods are becoming bigger and better. Many series are spread across the vast Internet in different locations, sometimes being lost. For all eternity. Okay, so maybe not that dramatic but you get the picture. Blip is an app designed for us series watchers, started in 2005 and since then has grown with over 2,000 independent producers, using the power of Blip to get some amazing work out there. There are many standout series within Blip, waiting for you to discover. Some you know you will like, others surprise you as to how good they are. My whole Blip experience was one discovery after another, I would sample on episode in a series and then end up watching two or three more.

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There is such a huge diversity of videos within Blip, genres include; Comedy, Food & Drink, How To, Tech & Gadgets and Video Games as well as many more. Popular series include the very popular Red vs. Blue as well as work from Rooster Teeth including great original series, for example ‘A Simple Walk Into Mordor’ this five part series follows two guys from Rooster Teeth, Kerry and Chris as they fly to New Zealand and plan to walk the same journey as Frodo and Sam from the Shire to Mt. Doom… in six days! I had planned on just watching one episode to see what it was all about, but one episode turned into two and then two turned into all five of them. The two guys walked over 120 miles with the one ring and buried on the side of Mt. Doom, the series was a great watch and as well as being funny and well put together you could see that it was a big task at hand and that at times they truly struggled.

Blip is the largest independently owned and operated video network in the world and is a must to anyone really, there is something for everyone. It’s not all about your usual web series either, you can watch movie critics, and how-to videos Blip channelsgalore. One particular series I’m found of is Nostalgia Critic’s Dreamworks-uary, It’s basically one man looking back at some classic Dreamworks films from years gone by. Now what I liked about this ‘series’ was that you didn’t need to see every episode to know what was going on. The theme was the same each episode, just a different film, and if you’re not a fan of that particular film you don’t need to watch it, simple.

Blip distributes all it’s amazing content all across the net, using;, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Screen, Aol Video as well as the websites from all of their different and diverse producers. Content management is also very good too and is actually really important to a lot of people, especially parents. Blip will go through each new episode to check the quality of the episode, categorize it appropriately and then classify in the same way TV is classified, they use exactly the same rating scale so there is no confusion.

Like I said before Blip is a must have for anyone and is available across the board so there is no excuse for you not to get your Blip on! You can download this amazing app: Blip TV on iTunes, for Android here, on your Kindle and even on your Xbox 360 as well as the obvious place of their very own website

Now what are you waiting for, go forward and enjoy some of the best online series available on the internet!

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Blip is awesome, thanks