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Sometimes a mobile game comes along that’s so simple and straightforward but so well made that you just can’t put it down. Briquid may be one of those games.

Released on Thursday Briquid is a rather unique puzzler, but it retains all those features you can expect from a good head-scratcher.

The uniqueness comes from the graphics with the game having a retro pixelated look about it, which lends itself well to the simple brick based layout.

The game sounds simple enough, there is a bunch of water and a reservoir that needs filling, however the path to the reservoir isn’t simple as there are a number of obstacles standing in the way.

It may be bricks that are in the way, and all you have to do is destroy the right brick to allow the water to run into the marked areas. Sometimes it’s more difficult however with reservoirs split into different corners of the level, resulting in you having to build bricks or manipulate gravity to get the water to the intended target.

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To overcome these obstacles you have to either delete bricks, build bricks or manipulate gravity to get as much water as you can into the reservoir. Each time you do any of the above it counts as a move, and you only get awarded so many moves, based on how difficult the level is.

There are one hundred levels to play through, from the small and simple to the large and complex. Part of the enticing manner of this game is just how much the levels can vary.

Some require large amounts of building, creating paths yourself to transport the water into the reservoir, others need sheer destruction of previous blocks and some depend on the changing of gravity to ease the water into the reservoir.

It is possible to get 100% of the water into the reservoir every game but is not required to progress, as new sets of levels are unlocked based on an accumulator that is based on the total percentage of water sucessfully transported over all the levels faced.

Whilst it may not be necessary to get 100% in every level it is enticing to try and get the perfect score, however I did have to give up hope on a good number as I just couldn’t think my way around the obstacles.

The genius of this game comes from how challenging and difficult it is, many of the puzzles had me stumped for quite a significant period of time, which made it all the more rewarding when I finally solved it.

Briquid screenshot 2

Gamious have really done well with their level creation with this game, the simplistic way they are laid out is often very misleading and can result in a devilshly difficult puzzle.

Briquid gets the balance between rewarding fun and logical thinking just right and the result is a game that might just have you lose track of the time due to its addictive nature.

One slight negative with the game, and something that had me irritated on a few occassions, is the lack of any sort of undo button. The complexity of the levels means that some give allowances for over 100 moves and one accidental slip can result in the opportunity for a perfect score to slip away. It is in these sorts of situations a simple ‘one step back’ button would be useful, so the level doesn’t have to be restarted.

I may be guilty of being over cynical here though, and any sort of undo button may remove some of the challenge, which makes it so enjoyable.

All in all Gamious have got the puzzle genre spot on with Briquid, so if your looking for an addictive headcratcher then I’d highly recommend giving this unique approach to the genre a try. You can get Briquid for Android tablets from Google Play here as well as for the iPad on iOS here for £2.19 and £1.99 respectively.

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