You may remember all the way back in December there was a post with some details on Bungie’s very mysterious new game – Destiny. More details have been made available and it’s all getting very exciting! When I wrote the original post I didn’t have a clue who Bungie were or even what made them so popular. I know, I know (It was Halo by the way). But after writing the post I’ve become rather excited with the thought of this futuristic game…

Over on they have announced some very special details concerning Destiny. 11/02/13 05:00AM, A post titled ‘Waiting for Destiny’ goes live within this little post the team has announce that Destiny now has it’s own Facebook page to Destinybe like, a Twitter feed to be followed, a Google+ page to be…well whatever you do over there and lastly a Destiny Forum. This can indicate to only one thing, Destiny is near. An extract from the post helps this theory even more so:

In a matter of days, we’re going to give you your first glimpse into the vision and ambition that’s driving the creation of our brave new world.

One of the most recent posts on the games Facebook page later sealed the deal. Revealing that there will be a reveal of Destiny on 17th February 2013, So that should be something to look forward to this weekend. As always let me know what you think in the comments below, are you excited for Destiny or will this weekend just be like any other?

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