Black Tiger

Black Tiger

A short while back you might have saw out post about Capcom’s birthday, and in that I spoke about the Capcom Arcade Cabinet (or the Retro Game Collection as it was called in that post) a series of games from the early years of Capcom releases. It was all kept fairly under wraps, but the Japanese schedule for the 5 packs have now been released thanks to Famitsu magazine.

The first pack to be released will be in two weeks time on Feb 19. (PS3) & Feb 20.(Xbox 360). The game we mentioned last time – Black Tiger – will be available to download for free, but along with that there’s a 1987 pack that’ll contain 1943 – an early shooter, and Avengers, a “beat em up” game. The 1987 pack will be priced at about 400MS Points (about 500 Yen).

Following that will be:

  • March 5: 1985-1 Pack (Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Gun.Smoke, Section Z)
  • March 19: 1986 Pack (Sidearms, Legendary Wings, Trojan)
  • April 2: 1985-2 Pack (Commando, The Speed Rumbler, Savage Bees)
  • April 16: 1984 Pack (1942, SonSon, Higemaru)

Each one of these packs are priced at around 1000 yen, or 800MS Points.

As for a European release date for these titles Polygon had this to say: “Capcom hasn’t announced the worldwide release schedule yet, although the European PEGI board has released content ratings for all of the above games”.

Source: Polygon, Famitsu Magazine.

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