capcom arcade cabinet

capcom arcade cabinet

Yesterdays post regarding the Capcom Arcade Cabinet outlined the Japanese release dates and pricing, but good news for those of us in the UK! Capcom have lifted the lid and showed us what’s exactly in store!

Beginning February 20th until May you can expect a total of 15 titles from Capcoms library from 1984 to 1988. As mentioned in the previous post they’ll be staggered releases with each pack releasing 2-4 games at a time. Players have the ability to download the games individually or buy the series of packs when they’re released. If all 15 titles are purchased, you’ll gain access to two bonus games at no extra cost!

What I didn’t realise before is that the Capcom Arcade Cabinet isn’t just a collective name for the different titles, it is in fact an app in itself for your Xbox or PlayStation. Along with the games, within the CAC platform you can find DIP switch functionality, a music player, and the ability to capture screenshots or video to share online. The DIP switch functionality gives players the ability to add extra lives, and change the difficulty within the game.

Some titles also have two player online play; a global leaderboard,; a training mode with infinite lives, and an option to select between Japanese or International versions of the game.

Those of you with a PlayStation 3 will have the ability to capture gamplay footage and post it to YouTube, and those with an Xbox will be able to capture screenshots and share them on Facebook. To further the CAC experience the music player gives you the ability to listen to the background music of any of the games, and as an added bonus along the way different pieces of artwork can be unlocked during your progress.

capcom arcade cabinetGame pack 1 and the first individual title Black Tiger will be available on Feb 20. Xbox owners will have the ability to play through Black Tiger with one single credit, once you fail – it’s game over. PlayStation owners however will have infinite credits so you can play the game for as long as you wish.

The First pack contains; Black Tiger, Avengers, 1943: The Battle of Midway and will be priced at £3.99 or 400MS Points. The second pack that’s set to be released on March 5th for Xbox and 6th for PlayStation will contain Ghosts & Goblins, Gun, Smoke, Section Z and will be priced at £7.99 or 800MS Points.

From there on the packs are as follows:

Game Pack 3 (March 19 (XBLA) March 20 (PSN)): Side Arms, LegendaryWings, Trojan
Game Pack 4 (April 2 (XBLA) April 3 (PSN)): Commando, The Speed Rumbler, Exed Exes (Savage Bees)
Game Pack 5 (April 16 (XBLA) April 17 (PSN)): 1942, SonSon, Pirate Ship Higemaru

The All-In-One pack is scheduled to be released on May 21 (XBLA) May 22 (PSN) which will include all 15 games, plus the two bonus games and is priced at £23.99 or 2000 MS Points.

Following each pack release, the individual titles from the packs prior will be released individually and will be priced at £3.19 or 320MS Points each. Though Avengers and 1943: The Battle of Midway wont be available individually for XBLA.


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