Captain Commando
Captain Commando wants you to know who he is

Captain Commando wants you to know who he is

So if your a crazy library like comic collector like or just a pedestrian observer you know that two biggest comic publishers are Marvel and DC. So what is the biggest superhero juggernaut of the gaming world? Well I propose the answer to that is: Holy Moley! Capcom!

Now for the explanation of what lead me to this terrible pun which I used as an answer;

You see like most companies Capcom employs the use of a mascot to help keep it in touch with it’s players. So a long long long time ago (for most of our generation that’s ten years ago) during the 80’s Capcom employed a fellow known as Captain Commando.

The Captain was employed like a safety spokesperson. He appeared in many game manuals giving hints and instructions. He primarily wasn’t a game character until he got an Avengers style chance to join the big leagues.

In 1991 the fateful Captain got his own arcade game. This saw him and his faithful team of commandos trying to erase crime in the year 2026 as he does battle against super criminals. His powers included strength and a bionic arm with a series of special powered moves.

The game didn’t exactly take off and the Captain didn’t become a great staple of Capcoms world. So he sadly vanished into obscurity but he did appear in the first two entries to the Marvel Capcom series. Though there has been fan speculation of his involvement in the Marvel vs. Tekken series.

 So I’m guessing your going to need a little more proof aren’t you? Well let’s look at Capcoms current mascot. Megaman, and no his power isn’t being mega. Like DMC (or Devil May Cry for your original followers) Megaman has gone through several reboots and incarnations. The most current one saw him re-envisioned as a superhero.

Lonely recluse Geo found a strange alien being, has initiated a symbiotic relationship which turns him into a super being and must battle against various sound-themed villains the “FM-ians”.

Geo must maintain a secret identity so to do so there’s a slight parody of the superhero girlfriend genre in the form of an irritating class mate called Luna Platz who oggles over her Megaman superhero crush.

So to wrap up with my last point. Capcom published Tatsunoko vs. Capcom in 2008, Tatsunoko a company which holds various Japanese superhero properties like Gacthaman. A name you may want to make note of..

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