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I just want to do a short article of what is going on in the gaming community and yes I know that this subject has been in the opinion of players for years but let me ask you something, if you are a PSN member or an Xbox Live member do you feel like a valued customer? Do you think that the enforcement teams do enough to stop this hackers and cheaters?

cod hacking

In my experience recently I saw people clearly hacking in call of duty 4 and World at war. I know these games are old, but I like to go back and play these games for nostalgic reasons because they are great games. When I play these games online I see people clearly cheating, for example they would be flying around the map or they can’t die. When I have confronted the hackers and send them a message they either say that they were not hacking or they would say that this is an old game and it doesn’t matter.

I don’t know about you but I think that its irritating behavior from someone within the gaming community because gamers such as myself like to go back and play these previous titles. They are good games and other gamers that haven’t experienced these games may want to start from the beginning. When you have experiences trying out these specific gaming franchises it make you a bit reluctant to try the other games in the series. This isn’t just for the old CoD games because when MW2 came out they had a massive problem with hackers and cheaters which resulted with people getting banned for no reason.

I know this predicament is not easy to stop because they will always find a loophole in the system and take advantage, but all I want is the enforcement teams to take our complaints seriously. I want to be able to go back and play COD World at War without being plagued by these messages saying I can “get these mods just subscribe to me”. I just want people to not ruin the gaming community because it’s all about playing games with your friends and having a good time, but we can’t with these hackers and cheaters.

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