Injustice: Gods Among Us

Pow ! Batman is DC's accoutning departments mascott

Part comic book, and part video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us is DC’s next attempt to show people there are more heroes than Batman in their universe, just ahead of their own big Avengers film experiment; We take a look at what to expect for the highly glossy trailer for DC’s cinematic universe.

DC characters beating each other up: Usually these kind of continuities keep rivalries between characters and any conflict is always temporarily lop sided to intensify the passion of the drama between the two characters. But Injustice’s story seems to give you the chance to scrap all of that. So Joker and Batman, Batman and Superman, Superman and Luthor, and Luthor and man with a full head of hair.

The gloves are off and it’s all out Dragon Ball Z style, battling with characters crashing through walls and suffering a dangerous amount of concussion.

CatwomanTights are sooo last year: The tights are out and the revealing lady costumes seemed to be toned down to a bearable amount. Now Batman’s gotten a sensible costume through different media forms it’s the now the turn of everyone else. We see characters getting body armour or simply wearing clothes which aren’t so tight. Green Arrow for example; no tights just a strange medieval-like garb.

The superhero rule book gets beaten to a pulp and forgotten: So we all know superheroes can’t kill and they don’t upset the status quo of the world and examples like heroes not involving themselves with politics seems to go out the window as Superman and Wonder woman appear to create a firm grip over society to ‘protect it.’

Powers or no powers everyone’s got a fighting chance: It’s the cape wearing elephant in the room. Superman on the basic grounds of things can wipe the floor with Batman. The levels however evens it. The Batcave has gadgets like missiles to fight against the power characters. With interactive environments offering a little treat gives Nightwing and Green arrow a bit more of a chance.

To sum up. I could be wrong, but to gives us all the inside track I suggest checking out the comic either at Comixology or pick a the print edition.. or just read my review. (coming soon) The video game Injustice: Gods Among Us will be available in the UK on April 19th for Xbox 360, PS3, and the Wii U.

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