Energizer XP4001

Energizer XP4001

I’ve been in the market of getting a mobile battery pack ever since I got my iPhone 5 on release. Now, there’s many different makes and types some boasting certain features and what not, the usual stuff. I was approached by the guys at mobilefun.co.uk and chose the Energizer XP4001 Universal Portable Charger. The reason I chose this particular one is pretty simple, Energizer is a well known and trusted brand. And I’m sure the majority of your battery operated items will run on Energizer batteries.

Energizer Ports

The charger is a sleek and simple design with no frill, it’s all about ease of use. And what an easy piece of kit it is to use, the charger it’s self features one power button, two lights, one mains charging port and two USB ports. Lets start with the lights; light number one is a basic indicator that your charger is being charged itself. Light number two is an indicator as to how much battery is left in your charger and trust me when I say you’ll be seeing that little green light alot, that battery life within the charger is very good. To find out how much power is in the charger you will need only one button, with the usual ‘power’ logo press it or hold it and the light will come on. I can’t stress how simple this all is.  Now for the in and out ports; as I said before the normal mains charger is pretty standard a DC 5V 1.5 A. There are two output ports both of which are USB one is indicated for phones and another for ‘Pads’ or tablets whatever you may call them.

Within the box there are a number of different peripherals for all types of phones: LG, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, A Micro USB as well as a certified Apple 30 pin cable. Two cables for each USB port are included which the listed attachments fit into the end of. There’s also instructions included but as I’ve said again and again it’s so simple I didn’t even read them. A small carry bag/case is included with the Charger to protect it’s shiny finish from any scratches.

Energizer charging

I chose this charger specifically for my iPhone 5 so the way to charge that, because it’s so new, is to just use the provided USB cable. I know what some people will say and that is that you could just take in the mains plug or plug it into a computer. I agree slightly with you, but sometimes it’s not that easy. I’ve been using this charger mainly at work and in the car as sometimes you don’t have a free USB port in the old laptop and not everyone has a car charger. I used to own an iPhone 4S and I also have a hands free kit that would charge said phone. But as it has been very well pointed out the new iPhone does not feature the original 30 pin port,  so a quick solution to my problem was the Energizer Charger.

The charger is no bigger than the iPhone 5 and is only a little wider and deeper. It’s light enough to be carried in a pocket and not feel it. Each morning I will slip it in the pocket of my bag and I know that if I get caught short with the low battery warning charging it anywhere is quick and easy. The equipment will charge my iPhone 5 to full probably just as quick as if it was plugged into the mains.

Overall this handy, simple, affordable piece of kit really is a must have to all smartphone owners. With the power of charging two bits of tech at once it’s a great purchase and for £19.95 you can’t go wrong! This and lots of other iPhone 5 accessories are available from mobilefun.co.uk by clicking the link provided as well as other tech must haves!

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