PlayStation 4 Controller

As an Xbox fan boy I’m not at all into the design of the current PS3 Dual Shock 3 controller. From experience it’s uncomfortable, awkward, and just doesn’t work – In my opinion anyway. If the above leaked image is accurate though, it looks as if Sony have shockingly made it worse than before…

Yesterday online publications blew up when Destructiod posted the above image. Some are appalled at the sight and others aren’t convinced. Personally, I’m a little indifferent. It could be legitimate though with some of the rumoured things are apparent in the picture such as the Vita-esque touch-pad, though it’s awkwardly positioned on the front of the controller rather than the back. And even more so now both Engadget and Destructiod have ‘confirmed’ that multiple sources have validated the legitimacy but state that it’s an early prototype.

It also looks as if there’s a PSMove type light on the front, though it’s been said that it would only really work if you were sitting directly in front of the sensor. And it seems that they’ve added a nice indentment on the joysticks, something that people have complained about most often with the Dual Shock 3 controllers. Also you may notice that there’s some holes just above the PlayStation logo, could they be for a WiiU like speaker integrated into the controller?

Personally I think it looks like a clunky mess with a touch sensitive area that looks unbelievably unusable. The PSMove light (if that’s what it becomes) looks like a terrible attempt at trying to integrate WiiU type features into the new console. It’s been said that it’s an early prototype and I really hope that it is. If it’s not I’m hoping the “leak” is a publicity stunt by Sony to get some opinions on the new design and hopefully they listen!

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